The big C

Wig it out

If you are just finding out as a woman that you have cancer and heard the news you are going to lose your hair (no matter how many times you tell yourself you won’t) STOP what your doing and do your research!!!!!! I freaked out took the hospitals first recommendation, immediately went to that place and spent money I can’t even tell you because I’ll throw up if I say it again. I wasn’t in a place to make a decision like that, but I was freaking out about losing my hair! I told myself “Im going to wear it everyday and no one will know the difference!” Later on to figure out I barely even wore the thing because I was so sick and it was to uncomfortable. (again I could throw up) The wig that I spent to much money on was a real human hair wig, I picked out a really nice brown long haired wig. My hair was only to my shoulders pre chemo so I really wanted a long one. I went back a week later to try it on (I still had my own hair at this point) and it seemed fine, well I didn’t know a thing about wigs and it wasn’t fine. The part seemed so off to me and it kept falling in my face, I asked the woman about it and she said the wig just needs to be “trained” to go the way I wanted it. I also could never have hairstyles that were up high because the back would show it’s a wig. As soon as I lost my hair I tried on the wig to see what I would now be looking like with it, well I cried my eyes out in anger and being upset. It looked SO unrealistic and was not “training” to go the way I wanted it to. TO best describe it it’s almost as if it was supposed to be a wig that had bangs but it was never cut, a whole section fell straight in my face. The woman and her shop were recommended by the cancer center and the woman had cancer herself years ago. I trusted her because I had NO clue what I was doing why would I be educated on a wig?! I emailed her so upset asking for a partial refund ( I know there are laws but I had never worn it just tried it on for 5 min with a bald head!) and she wouldn’t give me anything back or something new!!! I knew girls who paid SO much less and their wigs looks PHENOMENAL, and it could be put up high even French braids. Of course I found all these things after the fact and I just wanted to yell at this woman. I felt taken advantage of during such a vulnerable time.

I chose a human hair wig of course because it was supposed to look very realistic and the fact it could be styled with heated tools. Later on after going through Instagram I had found wig reviews with MUCH cheaper options and they look so good. I had found ones on and , had wigs that looked just as nice for a fraction of the cost. If only I had done more research or asked more questions I wouldn’t be stuck with this wig I’ve barely used and could’ve used the money elsewhere. I still kick myself everyday and yes I should get over it and I pretty much have, I use it every now and then but I have to wear a hat or a headband in a boho style or the front is obvious that I am sporting a wig. If only I had the knowledge, blogs or a woman my age to help me out I could’ve saved time and money.

How do you even think straight to educate yourself on a wig? Everything happened in a weeks time and my hair was out 3 weeks later. I sat through my whole oncology appointment without a tear until she said it out loud ” You will lose your hair about week 3″. My body went numb and I could no longer feel anything, my mind went blank and I can’t remember a thing after that part. My parents came to everything because I was on information over load and I couldn’t keep up. I had to start a caring bridge just to keep everyone updated because I would leave people and information out of texts, so to connect with everyone on a brain that was full of fog I had turned to that. I don’t know how any other cancer center is but I feel as though wig education should be part of the start of your journey. That is a BIG deal for women especially young women. Please help anyone you know going through what I did or point them to my blog, it is my mission to help the next person because I was a normal 26 year old who’s world did a 180 in 24 hours time. I am now learning more then I ever knew during the chemo process.

XOXO, Brittney

** Below is my little brother bringing a little cheer to my day by trying on my money hog of a wig



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