The Fog

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my cancer blog!

I was 26 years old when I was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkins lymphoma, I had now entered the category of having cancer. As you can all imagine my jaw was on the floor at this point, I had one symptom and little to be exact. I had the feeling of having something stuck in the bottom of my throat, the first doctor I saw told me it was just acid reflux. My gut told me this was um very false, she didn’t even do the routine feeling my glands and neck if she had she would’ve known right away something was wrong. I ended up humoring her and taking the prescribed acid reflux medication, she told me to try this for 4 weeks. I only lasted 2 before this thing in my throat was getting worse, I would lay down and it almost felt like my airway was being blocked. My anxiety self I am thinking I am going to die in my sleep because of whatever it is down there! I called the next morning and they told me I needed to be seen right away (duh because it wasn’t acid reflux) I was set up with a random doctor I had never seen before an older gentleman who looked pretty intelligent and actually listened to me. He felt my neck, stood back and looked at my neck and said I think you need an Xray right away. Hmmm um ok maybe this will be to see whats stuck in my throat??? Well I got a big surprise after that X-ray because it wasn’t something stuck it was several MASSES in my body. My mind went blank and I don’t think I heard a word he said from there aka “the fog”. I was supposed to work after this appointment but instead I was now being sent to an MRI. My family lives an hour away from me so I had called my mom with a blank brain straight forward that she needed to come to methodist hospital as soon as she could because I was being transferred to the MRI unit for masses that have been found in my body. I don’t think it processed with her either because I didn’t get much of a reaction besides “ok I’m leaving right now! Im sure there just masses that can be removed not cancerous”. My mom always trying to be positive which is great but nothing was phasing me at this point, my mind was going in a million different directions. After that my life went at a million miles per hour between my MRI, a neck biopsy, a PET scan, meeting with an oncologist, meeting with a fertility doctor, getting my port put in, to my very first day of chemo.

This is where my story begins of one of the worst times in my life, at the age of only 26. I am no professional when it comes to blogging, but I really enjoyed being open and sharing my journey on caring bridge (if you want more details medically refer to my caring bridge at: Brittney Bobrowski) I was at a complete loss and in the dark for most of my cancer. My family has never experienced something like this, my brain wasn’t there instead I was just in denial and survival mode. Now after the fact (6 months since my last chemo I am still cancer free!!!!) my life has been a rollercoaster of emotions, including depression and anxiety I have never dealt with before. I will later discuss on those topics as well, what I want out of this most is to be an outlet for all the young women that went through the same thing I did because I really wish I had that during my cancer journey. I so badly wanted someone my age and single to be able to relate to and just let me know what I am feeling is normal and that I will get past this. I am here for YOU , and I am as open and honest as I can be this is a full out raw blog.

The photo above is my very first PET scan to confirm I indeed had cancer.

XoXo, Brittney

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